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Email Automation For Your Business

Save time and money with our specialist marketing automation services

The beauty of our email marketing and automation services is that we help you connect directly with potential customers in a one-to-one way.

Too many companies fail to connect with their leads because they don’t have enough time on their hands. We will put a stop to this! Our email automation services will instantly send messages to your leads when you get their information and automate the sales process, whether that be through drip sequence emails, appointment setting or through lead magnets.

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Focus On Customer Retention With Email Automation

Don’t just reel in new customers, keep your existing ones!

As Full Funnel Growth marketers, our expert email automation services will help you hold onto your dearest customers. Growing a business is all about keeping your current customers while adding some new ones. One-to-one communiation through email marketing plays a vital role in ensuring you do just that. 

We can devise an email marketing campaign that sends automated emails out to your customers at various periods. It updates them with the latest information on products relating to things they’ve previously purchased, enticing them to come back for more. 

We have developed portfolio management campaigns for some of the largest companies in Australia, and can help design a full customer lifecycle management approach.

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Use Email For More Than Just Acquisition

There is no point driving traffic to your website if you haven't thought about how you intend on converting them from a visitor to a customer. Through effective Marketing Automaiton, we can help turn those visitors in to customers!

We can support the development of lead magnets and integrate them in to your existing website. If needed, we can also support the development of dedicated landing pages.

If you have been in business for a while, there is a good chance that you have a database of email addresses of current customers, ex-customers, and maybe even some that didn't become customers. There is also a good chance that you don't do anything with it.

We work with you to determine the best email marketing technology solution for you, and develop first class sales campaigns to offer products and services with a view to convert.

It's hard enough to win customers, but far too often businesses forget about their existing customers and before too long they leave. We call this churn.

We know that by increase customer engagement, churn is decreased and therefore the value back from a customer increases (Customer Lifetime Value). The greater the Customer Lifetime Value, the more you are able to invest in order to acquire a customer.

Through smart, data-driven lifecycle management campaign design, we can increase how engaged you customers are as well as seek feedback on how you are doing and what additional support they need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation isthe automation of tasks that involveacquiring and managing leads. Run off a cloud-based software that saves youfrom doing repetitious, labour-intensive actions. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms like marketingautomation usually is subscription-based service and you pay as you go.

What does marketing automation do? Is it just automated email campaigns?

Marketingautomation solutions generate leads through a variety of features, andautomated campaigns are just one of many features. Marketing automation is an ensemble of tools that make things like emailcampaigns easier along with other things.
Can marketing automation be used for both sales and marketing?Marketing Automation allows forquicker, streamlined, efficient processing of leads.From a sales perspective,marketing automation tools help turn those potential prospects into actualleads with automated actions that keep you on top of the sales process. Keepingtrack of all your prospects and sending out the right touches at the right timeis key to any sales team. From the marketing side,automating your campaigns gives you the ability to reach your targets withvarious engagements. From social media posts to email campaigns, there is nobetter way to push out your content than on an automated basis.

What are marketing automation tools?

Marketing automation tools, also known as features, are the ways that a solution generates leads. The following are just some of the many tools that marketing automation offers.
- Inbound lead management can help determine where the customer isin the sales cycle and can offer the right things at the right times.
- Automated marketing campaigns are another helpful feature that can save time. By combining email, social media, and other marketing channels, automation software can help your business roll out a marketing campaign over time.
- Automated content updating can help you SEO, by updating your content with audits and optimising it for Google.
- Marketing automation software is also capable of rating and filtering leads, which can help control the quality of leads that go to your sales team.

Does marketing automation work?

Marketing Automation works, but you wouldn’t try to sand something with a jack hammer. Make sure the right tool is applied to the right tasks and it won’t be aproblem.

How can a marketing automation platform help me nurture a prospect through the sales funnel?

As you know, when a prospect is first introduced to your product or service, they’re not necessarily in a buying mode. It’s more likely that they’re in an information-gathering mode. Marketing automation helps you identify prospects that are in the information-gathering mode and differentiate them from prospects who are further down the sales funnel in the buying mode. By using marketing automation to talk to people in different parts of the sales funnel in different ways, you can improve your ability to convert prospects into customers.

Is my company too small for an automated marketing?

Marketing automation platforms are for organizations of all sizes. If you’re a small business, it’ll allow you to cover more ground with your marketing allowing you to dedicate more time to other areas of your work. If you’re a larger business, it also helps manage many contacts and accounts that maybe be lost sight of otherwise.

If I have an email autoresponder why do I need marketing automation?

Email autoresponder is a single marketing tactic, marketing automation is a ensemble of tools that cover more areas than just an email auto-response.

What is Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is how much a customer is worth to. For example, if you sell a one off item for $5 that a customer will never, ever need to buy again and you don't sell anything else, your CLV is $5.
If you have a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) that is $10 per month with an average of 20 months, your CLV is $200.

How to I measure if we are going to improve future CLV?

We are big proponents of Engagement Scoring. This is looking at your business and determining what the underlying drivers are for your key metrics. If you have an app, one key metric to look at might be days active (i.e. how many days have they logged into the app); the more days active they are, the higher the CLV is likely to be.

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