Ep. 4. Aaron Chipper from Frankie Financial

Ep. 4. Aaron Chipper from Frankie Financial

December 13, 2018

In this episode of Fintech Growth, Duncan shares the mic with Aaron Chipper of Frankie Financial.

After being in the startup space for a long time, taking a break, traveling the world and coming back to Australia, Aaron has found a newfound passion and opportunity in Fintech.

Frankie’s main goal is to provide infrastructure to enable faster iteration of financial tech products, specifically a singular API that connects compliance apps and enables complex task automation, all while providing a unified view for KYC and AML.


[0:53] What is Aaron’s Background?

[10:57] What’s Aaron’s vision of Frankie in 5-10 years?

[15:15] What opportunities does Aaron see in fintech?

[19:52] What’s going well in the industry, and what needs improvement?

[29:22] What’s Aaron’s thoughts on Blockchain developments?