ADI Market Share

Deposits are strangely up. I get that consumerism is down, which I don’t think is a bad thing (I no longer have a retail store… 😊) but this could mean that assuming we get businesses sorted and hiring again, our post-COVID recover might not be too long.

And Xinja are starting to see the impact of their reduced rates as balances dropped off in May. Which I think they would be sighing in relief. Fingers cross for them the World Investments come through!

On another really weird note, Home Lending balances are oblivious there is a pandemic going on. As indicated last week, this could be driven by lower repayments than more lending. Or maybe people are borrowing against their home in order to pay for their living expenses…. Lord I hope not!

Still scant activity on the Home Loans by the Neo’s.  

In honour of the late great AFL legend, John Kennedy:

"At least DO SOMETHING! DO! Don't think, don't hope, do!”

A special note to those who took advantage of the Grow Now, Pay Later promotion. Whilst that ended last month, if you are still interested in getting a hand until October COMPLETELY FREE, let me know. I know the boss and might be able to work a deal 😉

This month there really isn’t much extra in the report, but if you wanted it in a PDF format whilst reading my bored commentary, go right ahead here.