Kia Ora!
Welcome to another thrilling edition of the ADI Market Share Report and Category Teardown!!!  🚀🎊🎉
Ok...      that's enough of the hype. Exhausted! 😫

ADI Market Share

We are starting to see some retraction in the Big 4 market share, but it's not going to the "neos". Looks like the other 95 ADI's are also upping their game. The Big 4  share in deposits has decreased by 0.59% since March, with the neos only getting 0.02% of that (or 0.03%...      depending on how you look at it).

Speaking of the neos, both Numbers and Judo are going great guns, with Judo already reaching the $100m mark. And in super exciting news, Xinja has reported their first balances to APRA!!! 🔥🔥

What?? Don't see them? It's there.... just down the bottom. Seriously..
Ok, so have reported $200k in deposits 😳. Let's hope there are plenty more to come. You can't spend that amount of money (including customer crowdfunded money) and only come up with $200k. Looking forward to seeing that number hockey-stick with the rest of them!

On the lending front, Judo again is showing everyone how it's done, with the only other reporting neo (Numbers) increasing their lending FUM by $500k 🤷.


Guess who's doing really well in the SME space? Here's a hint


  Ok... it was an easy one.

Category Teardown
This month, we tear into some players within the Home Lending space.

Enter the ring Lendi, Athena, Pepper Money, Uno Home Loans and Reduce Home Loans 🥊🥊

Both Lendi and Pepper Money are nailing from a Performance Marketing perspective. Was very interested to note that there was no Facebook or Instagram advertising from Athena.