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Not too sure about you, but I am well over my new role of primary school math's, reading, writing and PE teacher AND business owner. Still.... much prefer everyone be safe. A little (or a lot) of inconvenience is worth the price.  

Some epic news from JudoBank, with a massive $230m investment. Not bad for some old school Bankers that don’t even have an app. Oh... and FYI, that makes them a unicorn

ADI Market Share

JudoBank still on the rise with their Personal Term Deposits, but we still see the tail end of the balance acquisition from Xinja’s Stash grab, which they ceased on the 5th of March. Will be interesting to see what their deposit growth is next month, as it should be an indication of underlying user growth and acquisition, not rate chasers.

Interesting foot note (at least to me): All the Neobanks balances combined make up 0.17% market share. Very early days, but if they are to make some serious inroads, we need to see some exponential growth coming through.

Similarly, with the lending books. Volt and Xinja will need to come out of the blocks HARD which will be HARD in these uncertain/unpresented/challenging times. Even Numbers, which has been in market with their Home Loan product for a while with full time BDM’s cranking the broker network seem to be sluggish off the starting blocks.  

Same interesting footnote: 0.0061% combined market share. Would lurve to include non-bank lenders in this, particularly Athena.  

Unsecured lending still going the toilet across both Credit Cards and Personal Loans, with the current environment not impacting the underlying trend in either direction as yet.  

In the Commercial world, we are seeing some massive shifts, both in lending and deposits. The assumption as to why both have gone up is that the funds from the commercial loans are currently sitting in the deposit accounts, effectively shoring up the available cash to whether the storm.

In the SME battle between Judo and Tyro, Judo are still winning, particularly in the lending stakes, but I find the trend in negative growth on their deposit book perplexing. They don’t currently offer any Business Deposit products above the line (although Business TD’s look like they are coming). Could be a shuffling of funds and are really the proceeds of loans which is being drawn down, hence the slow decline.  

Marketing Teardown

A shift in gear this month with our marketing teardown. A lot of noise recently about working from home tools, so who better to look at is Zoom!

Bit of a no-brainer, but the traffic volume has exploded!

But that growth isn’t just for Zoom, it's across the board for most video conferencing apps.  

In an interesting move with all this free traffic, Zoom have stopped their paid advertising:

In the US market, they are getting the lion share of the growth:

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