This episode of the FinTech Growth podcast features industry veteran, Isobel Santos. Duncan and Isobel take a closer look at the credit card market, the structures and consumer choices that shape and influence its industry.


Isobel discusses consumer behaviour and how it affects credit or debit card usage. She tackles important points on the credit card market’s evolution. Duncan and Isobel also dive into the new technology, changing behaviours and business approaches, such as product compartmentalisation and customisation, that may be modifying the credit card space currently and in the near future.


5:02 New consumer demands and rise of debit

7:01 Who still needs credit cards?

11:12 New approaches that parallel the credit card space

15:12 Will credit cards be eventually replaced?

20:50 Segmentation and propositions in the credit card space

33:48 Future of credit cards