In this episode of FinTech Growth, Duncan talks to Daniel Kniaz. Daniel is the founder and CEO of DiviPay, a virtual corporate card provider based in Sydney. DiviPay works as an expense management platform that is a simple solution to giving companies more control over how money is spent.

In the podcast, Daniel shares his story and how he and his colleagues founded and fine tuned the framework behind what is now DiviPay. Daniel explains the product innovation process for DiviPay and how they handle data, feedback, and client relationships. Duncan and Daniel also discuss mobile payments and the virtual alternatives to physical cards.


0:45 Daniel’s background and how DiviPay started

4:48 How Daniel and his colleagues repositioned their platform 

11:43 Daniel talks about data processing and research 

16:45 Client relationship and soliciting feedback

22:58 Benefits of having a virtual card