Today's episode of FinTech Growth with Duncan Currie features Joel Yarbrough, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Rapyd, the world's largest local payment network. They talk about the successes of the company on a global scale and the secrets of Rapyd's massive growth over the past couple of years.

Joel also gets down to the details of how Rapyd provides local solutions to the global gig economy, a massive space that requires dedicated solutions at every step. He also provides a rich pool of knowledge and experience in localizing payments to make transactions seamless for 2 billion people.


00:45 Joel's professional history and entry into financial services

03:27 Overview of Rapyd's network and localization of services

09:40 Servicing the gig economy

14:16 Case studies of local clients and solutions

22:30 What Rapyd has been doing right and future opportunities