In this episode of the Fintech Growth Podcast, Duncan talks to Fintech expert, Christian Westerlind Wigstrom. Christian is head of Monoova, a Sydney-based payment company that frees businesses to scale with end-to-end solutions. 

In this podcast, Christian talks about how he came to be the head of Monoova. He describes the current need in the evolution of the payment situation which is what propelled Monoova’s focus on payment automation to be a winning service in the market. Christian explains what sets Monoova apart from other payment companies and how they developed their strategy and target markets. He also shares some insights regarding the Fintech industry.


3:42 What is Moneytech and how it relates to Monoova

7:32 How Monoova developed its business strategy 

12:10 Scaling for Monoova

20:59 What’s different with Monoova? 

28:38 Christian talks about the Fintech industry