In Part 1 of this episode of Full Funnel Growth (formerly Fintech Growth), DC shares the mic with David Engel, Commercial Director at Verrency.

Verrency is dedicated to removing the “innovation bottleneck” stifling issuer’s progress, such as old technology and codebases that make it impossible to innovate in this space.

This includes developing tools for issuers to rapidly iterate and innovate on new financial products, and helping to foster 3rd-party Loyalty Partnerships via their platform.

Enjoy this episode as the two cover the problems facing issuers, and the unique way Verrency rapidly innovates and develops on their own products from customer feedback.


[0:32] What is Verrency, and what do they do?

[6:38] How does Verrency Micro-Segment customers to build features around their preferences?

[9:07] What's the future of Verrency?