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Pelikin is a FinTech Startup that has recently launched a travel app & card for young travellers to do epic things around the world.  

Before they launched, one of their key activities was to drive growth in their waitlist so they could launch with a bang! They had the waitlist live for about a year before we got called on to help get their message out through an epic campaign!


Having worked with Pelikin, we already had some great insights into their target audience. Funnily enough, young travellers!

We were lucky enough to get an awesome offer for this waitlist campaign, Splendor in the Grass tickets 😎

There was a couple of parts to this campaign: the competition; and the promotion.  

The Competition

As we said before, we had these epic SITG tickets to give away, but rather than just randomly give them away, the Pelikin team wanted to use them to put a fire under their socials and get some User Generated Content (UGC).  

We workshopped with the Pelikin team different options on how to accomplish this and the various operational constraints that can impact campaigns like this. There is nothing worse than a competition falling apart because you can’t track anything!

We worked side-by-side their awesome Social Media and Design teams in a truly joint and collaborative effort and came up with:

To get into the draw, the potential squad member had to:

  • Join the Pelikin waitlist
  • Take a video or pic with a mate showing what you’d get up to at SITG
  • Use a dedicated hashtag #pelikinbigsplendour

Using some pretty cool tools, we had the photos and videos populating the website (once they were approved of course), which then appeared on the competition landing page.

The Promotion

There is no point having an awesome competition, and not having anyone know about it. So, we got to work building out Facebook and Instagram specific campaigns that were to run over a 3-week period, which complimented the ongoing organic promotion by their inhouse social team.

To help optimise the campaigns, we split out placements (specifically FB vs Instagram) so we could adjust the budgets at the platform level, not just the total campaign.

We also tested out warm audiences; cold audiences using interests; cold audiences using lookalike audiences (where we tell FB to show the ad to people who “look like” the people already landing on the website... clever stuff!) and even tested out the call to action (CTA). Some were directed to the landing page for them to join the list; some were presented with a Lead Form ad where they stayed on Facebook and Instagram.