Business & Product Innovation.

Business & Product Innovation.

Re-imagining how you operate through Business Model Innovation.

Disruptive business models have been a constant force since our evolution. Think about the poor ice farmer whose livelihood was taken away by the fridge.

With the digital revolution, business model innovation has gone through the roof. The likes of Uber, AirBNB, and iTunes have all been massive disruptors.

Even so, business models remain poorly understood and don't get the focus they deserve from startups or businesses looking to grow.

We can drive your growth using powerful, but simple, methodologies to understand, design, rework and execute new business models.

Creating value through product and customer value proposition design.

Obvious statement alert: You want to create products and services that customers are willing to pay.

Easier said than done. Just ask Snapchat. Millions of users. No one wanting to pay for it!

We design and test great value propositions in an iterative journey to find out who your ideal customers are and what they really want.

Combined with innovation in the business model, product and value proposition design is great for startups. Getting product-market fit is vital to avoid being one of the 9/10 of startups that fail. .

Innovation and Business Design Workshops

Perfect if you want to get some energy into your team offsite or wanting them to learn about how to tackle problems creatively and with the customer at the centre.

Put your toe in the water of Design Sprints with a Lightening Design Jam and get precise, actionable results in less than an hour.

Product Innovation Sprint

The Stage3 Innovation Sprint helps you address the fast changing FinTech ecosystem with increased competition, and demanding customers in only 12 weeks.

Remove the risk, costs and uncertainty through a proven customer-centric validation MVP creation-and-validation model.

Design Sprint 2.0

The newly improved version of the Design Sprint, created within Google Ventures, is a 4-day immersive process for rapidly solving big challenges, updating existing products, or even creating new ones.

Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out whether to invest more resources into your idea.

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