Performance Marketing .

Generate growth through direct response digital marketing.

SEO is the long game. And you have to play the long game. But it can take 6-12 months to see meaningful results through SEO alone.

And you also need to get sales now! That's why we have a priority focus on driving potential customers to your website through all the key advertising, such as Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Campaign design and delivery is where we excel, and as we don't focus on a single platform, we work out what is best for you and scale your ad spend accordingly. We find that it's connecting the various platforms in a holistic campaign that delivers the best result.

Not only do we set the account up for success at the start, as number geeks, we analyse what is getting conversions and optimise the campaigns as they are going.

Engage with visitors to your website through remarketing.

98% of people don't buy or fill out a form on the first visit. Ninety. Eight. Percent!!

We've done all the right things together. We've got a high ranking website and smashing our Google Ads campaigns, but people don't seem to be buying first time around. We aren't alone.

To increase our chances of getting a return, we are huge advocates for remarketing strategies. You know when you've visited a website and then you keep seeing them everywhere? That's remarketing!

In fact, now that you've seen this page, there is a big chance you will see us for the next couple of months across random wesbites (Google Display Network), Facebook and LinkedIn.

Automate your email sequences for sales and engaging existing customers.

As we have talked about before, very few people buy on the first visit to your site, or even interaction for that matter.

We think we are pretty amazing at building out automated, trigger-based engagement communications. This allows you to focus on closing the sale and running the business.

We take it one step further though and will build out and execute engagement communications to your existing customer base to increase their value to you and make sure they stay.

Get qualified leads and more sales through lead generation .

Have you seen the sales funnel before? If you have, you'll know there is a journey the customer goes on before they take action.

With lead generation, we like to go a few steps up and get them while they are doing some research. Give them the answers they are looking for, and couple that with our excellent marketing automation to nurture them through the cycle.

Say you are a financial adviser, and you specialise in self-managed super funds, you could give away an eBook on how to set up a fund in exchange for an email (or lead), and then continue to add more value to them until they commit to doing it. Who do you think they will turn to? That's right. You!

Designing landing pages with purpose.

Great, we have someone that has clicked on an ad on Google. Where do you get them to land? Your normal website? I guess you could do that, or you could try and get them to do something when they arrive.

Having a campaign specific landing page can increase conversion from 10 to 20%. Having a dedicated landing page can pay huge dividends for your direct response marketing.

Get visible online through proven SEO strategies.

Guess how many websites are currently live? ..... that's right. A lot!

You wouldn't open a retail in a back alley behind the rubbish bins, so why would you throw up a website and hope like crazy someone turns? You're not Kevin Costner, and this definitely isn't Field of Dreams.

The stats are simple. The first 5 results get 67% of clicks.

Through thorough key word research, content and link building strategies, we get your rank up!

We also analyse and track your ranking performance to show the progress we are making, as well as performing secret squirrel analysis on your competitors.

Consolidated Marketing for better ROI

Rather than pay someone to do your Google Ads, someone else to manage your FaceBook and LinkedIn marketing, keep the communications consistence and with purpose. Not to mention easier to manage for you.

We can then optimise your marketing investment across the platform that is getting the best performance.

Data and experimentation driven growth

We'll provide you with real-time reporting and analysis as to how we are performing against our benchmarks with strategies for optimisation.

Having a test and learn approach here is key. To know which hook catches the bigger fish, you need them all in the water!

Full Service, all you can eat, growth smorgasbord

Why not combine great business model and a delivered product that customers want with a high Google Search ranking page that looks and performs great. Might as well add in some data-driven and results orientated direct response marketing that also has an optimised landing sales page.

Phew.... that's a lot to eat.

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